Actors are usually requested to submit their showreel in order to be considered for castings. On the other hand, it seems impossible to create a high quality showreel without having footage from high quality productions. Student and low budget productions very often end up with a material not good enough to use in a serious showreel. What should an actor do then?

We offer a budget friendly solution!

We create a studio based reel scenes with a maximum professionalism:

A cinema Line camera Sony FX6 alongside with lighting set up to achieve 4K resolution cinematic look.

Professional Sennheiser microphones set up to achieve perfectly clean and crispy sound quality.

Option to use scenes written by David Stejskal specifically for the reel material purposes – not too long, not too short and without copyright problems on youtube and other platforms.

Professional coaching by David Stejskal with 15 years of experience in film directing, casting directing and actors coaching.

Price: 1 500 CZK per hour (if well prepared in advance, it will take up to 1 hour to film 1 scene and the reel should compose ideally of 3 scenes).

SPECIAL OFFER: If you film 3 or more scenes like this with us, you can ask to have them edited into a showreel for free. 

Our portfolio:


Editing your footage into a showreel.

David can help you to select the best material and combine it in the most effective order.  

Subtitles and translation in CZ and EN available.  

Price: from 3800 czk (or 160eur) – ask for more details.

Our portfolio: