The goal in creating Acting Headshots is to capture the truthful yourself.

Headshots in which you look different, younger, older, more beautiful, less beautiful etc. can be harmful to your acting career. When you enter the auditioning room or send in a self-tape, you want to be the same person as the one on your headshots.

We will aim at creating one KEY HEADSHOT and 5 ARCHETYPE HEADSHOTs.

KEY HEADSHOT should be neutral but striking, presenting you in the widest range of characters possible.

ARCHETYPE HEADSHOTS can present you as a specific character (Doctor, Mom, Kind, Sharp etc.)

Wardrobe: Bring in wider option of upper body clothing, which you can change for various Archetypes. Stay modest, don’t bring in any medival armor or spacesuits. Little details like color or cut (shirt, T-shirt, jumper etc.) does the trick. 

No jewelry for KEY HEADSHOT – jewelry takes away attention from what is important – your eyes and soul. It can be acceptable for specific ARCHETYPE HEADSHOTS, though.

Make up – be very modest. Make up shouldn’t be hiding what you really look like. Little skin imperfections can be fixed while retouching the photos. When you use make up, use it evenly on all parts of visible skin- the skin on your face and neck has to be of the same color tone.

Always look straight into the camera lens but look for various body positions towards the camera. Usually, having shoulders positioned diagonally towards the camera creates more dynamic and striking shots. However, standing flat towards the camera can sometimes look good too.

If you need also a full body photo (for commercial shoot castings), specify this.

Come in in positive, relaxed and confident mood. You can ask to reschedule if you do not feel great on the day.

If you like to listen to some music during the photoshoot, you can bring in a playlist.

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