Sep 29- Oct 01, 2017 in Prague

David Stejskal, member of the Casting Society of America and a head caster at Nancy Bishop Prague office, partners with Romana Hajkova and Trojan Stables, the horse professionals with long experience of training actors and horses for international films, to provide a unique workshop with a genuine philosophy:

We are developing the actor’s concentration and truthfulness through working with horses (find out more about our philosophy here).

Ride a horse. Develop connection. Maintain concentration. Deliver a unique, truthful performance.

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” Winston S. Churchill

Summary: Participants will train their acting skills with main focus on concentration and connection through various classes: performing in scenes, Meisner technique, riding horses, handling and saddling up horses, non-verbal communication with horses from the saddle and from the ground. 

All practical classes will be divided into two groups of no more than six students. A professional handler will assist each student when working with a horse.

We welcome students at all levels of riding skill, including complete beginners. We also recommend the class to students who only wish to work with horses from the ground.

We offer 20% discount for this occasion only!

Janis Neiworhen - Christa Théret

Class Schedule:

Note: For most of the time students will be divided into two groups. One group will attend acting sessions while the other will work with horses. They switch after lunch.

The horse group will be divided further into two subgroups. One subgroup will work in the saddle and with the horse from the ground. The other observes. They will switch after two hours.

Friday, 29th Sep 2017

09:00               Welcome and introductory session: basic ethology of horses and safety while working with them. Aims and goals to be reached during the workshop (David and Romana).

10:00 – 14:00  KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 1) and Scene performing on camera (David Stejskal) (Group 2).

14:00 – 15:30  Lunch

15:30 – 19:30 KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 2) and Scene performing on camera (David Stejskal) (Group 1).


Saturday, 30th Sep 2017

09:00 – 13:00  KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with the horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 1) and Meisner technique• (Brian Caspe**) (Group 2).

13:00 – 14:30  Lunch

14:30 – 18:30 KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with the horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 2) and Meisner technique* (Brian Caspe**) (Group 1).

18:30 – 19:00  Pause

19:00 – 20:00  A bit of equestrian theory (Romana): Brief review of equestrian history and approach to horses in specific cultures. Approach to the horse in western culture.

  • The Meisner Technique is used by professional actors to bring truth to their work. It is extremely well suited to film work as it is focused on the internal responses rather than the external presentation of emotion. Students will be introduced to the principles of the Meisner Technique and learn the early exercises.

** Brian is a subject of availability. If he cannot teach the class due to landing an acting job, we will provide an alternative.

Sunday, 01st Oct 2017

09:00 – 13:00  KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 1) and Scene performing on camera (David Stejskal) (Group 2).

13:00 – 14:30  Lunch

14:30 – 18:30 KEY BLOCK: Horseback riding and working with horse from ground (Romana Hajkova) (Group 2) and Scene performing on camera (David Stejskal) (Group 1).

Detailed time allocation of KEY BLOCKS:


09:00 Group 1 (A) Group 1 (B)
10:00 Group 1 (A) Group 1 (B) Group 2 (A, B)
11:00 Group 1 (B) Group 1 (A) Group 2 (A, B)
12:00 Group 1 (B) Group 1 (A) Group 2 (A, B)
13:00 LUNCH
14:30 Group 2 (A) Group 2 (B) Group 1 (A, B)
15:30 Group 2 (A) Group 2 (B) Group 1 (A, B)
16:30 Group 2 (B) Group 2 (A) Group 1 (A, B)
17:30 Group 2 (B) Group 2 (A)
18:30 WRAP



Participants will be provided with safety helmets, vests and leg protectors.

After the workshop participants will be given video footage of their acting and riding work.

Horses used in the masterclass have experience in filming and working with actors.

We offer access to a vast variety of authentic historical saddlery of different periods and cultures.

A personal assistant will attend every participant who works with a horse.

ProfilePicDavid Stejskal is the head caster in Nancy Bishop’s Prague office and a member of the Casting Society of America. He has worked on projects such as the TV series Knightfall, 12 Monkeys, Transporter, Crossing Lines or films Ophelia, with Naomi Watts and Daisy Ridley, and Unlocked, starring John Malkovich, Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. David wrote and directed numerous short projects, including commercial videos for brands like Haagen-Dazs, Arla Denmark and Nestea.

He is also an acting coach at Prague Film School and holds private classes.

David was trained as a film director at Northern Film School. His student film ‘Two Soldiers’ was in the official selection at the Manchester Film Festival 2012.

11045286_1052215631463305_6035488288235201990_n-1Romana Hajkova is a horse trainer, stuntrider and horsemaster with 32 years of experience around horses of all breeds. She’s been working in film in the past 18 years and trained such stars as Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper or James Pureffoy.

Apart from the work in international film industry, Romana also trains professional sport riders in classical dressage. Some of her students are gold medallists at the Czech championships.

Romana‘s main mentors and teachers are Céline Willms (Belgium) and dr.Norbert Zalis (CZ). She also trained intensively with Catherine Henriquet (France, 10th in dressage on Olympic games) for 3 years and attended numerous riding clinics with David de Whispelaere (USA) and Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg (Austria), former Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Romana speaks fluently English, German and Russian.

briancaspeBrian Caspe is a professional actor who plays regularly in theater, TV, film and commercials. Motion pictures credits include Wanted, the Illusionist, Hellboy, Running Scared and Hannibal Rising. Brian also played a major supporting role in the NBC television series Revelations, opposite Bill Pullman. In theater, Brian has gotten rave reviews playing in the lead in Oliver!, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum, The Seagull, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown among many others. Since moving to Prague in the spring of 2002, Brian has re-energized the Expat acting scene. In 2003, he founded the Prague Playhouse with the aim to give native English-speaking actors a company where they could perform and English-speaking audiences a venue to enjoy. Brian also teaches Meisner technique which he studied in Los Angeles under Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie (assistant to Mr. Meisner for 10 years). Over the past 4 years, many of his students have gone on to have successful acting careers and even more have learned to appreciate the power of living in the moment.

stableStable Trojan is a family run stable with over 40 horses suited for filming and training actors. The Trojan team started their work in the film industry with the famous film ‚Amadeus‘ (1984). Since then they have worked on such projects as ‚From Hell‘ (2001) with Johny Depp, ‚The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen‘ (2003) with Sean Connery, ‚Babylon A.D.‘ (2008) with Vin Diesel, ‚Die Wanderhure saga‘ and the TV series ‚The Musketeers‘ from BBC and ‚Borgia‘.

The herd includes horse breeds like Andalusian, Friesian, Warmbloods and Heavy (forest) horses.

The stable also owns a rich collection of historical equestrian equipment from various cultures and time periods.

Other benefit of this equestrian area is that it lies on the edge of Prague and is easily accessible by the city public transport.


WHEN: Sep 30 – Oct 01, 2017

WHERE: Prague: Staj Trojan, K Vrbickam 30, 149 00 Prague (In walking distance from public transport stop V Ladech, buses 165, 326, 327, 385, 901)

ACCOMODATION: We don’t secure accommodation but we are happy to help you coordinate and find the best solution.

INSURANCE: We will ensure high levels of safety for our students whilst working with horses. However, we highly recommend securing relevant medical insurance if you are coming from abroad.

DISCOUNTED PRICE: You have two options. One is 315 EUR (or 8 000 CZK), which involves both, equestrian (horse) and acting training. The other is for only 150 EUR (or 3800 CZK), which involves acting training and observing of equestrian (horse) training.